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Website project for a Beauty Care company

Portfolio example of WooCommerce Sales Team Website

Project Description

A Beauty Care company needed a better way for remote sales team members to send in client orders.  The remote sales team members were submitting client orders either via random email or text.  This caused confusion for the inside sales assistants who needed to enter the sales orders but got wrong product names or needed to double check quantities and client names.

After brainstorming, the decision was made to develop a WooCommerce solution that would use the order processing that WooCommerce had but not use the payment, shipping and inventory features.  The products were exported out of the inventory control and ordering system and formatted for import into WooCommerce.  Pictures of the products were included to help the sales team members identify the products.   The products were added to different products lines and categories in WooCommerce.

The WordPress website that was integrated with WooCommerce was simplified to be streamlined for the sales team.  The sales team members were each given “customer” account for them to “order” the products.   The product catalog was customized to show each of the product types in a table layout to allow for quick selection of products and quantities to add to the cart.  The checkout process in WooCommerce was customized to remove all the payment and shipping options but fields were added to add client information.   The invoice and notification emails were customized to give a receipt back to the sales team member to double-check their order and help the inside sales team enter the orders.   A phase two task of direct integration to the inventory control system was planned.


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