The Business Cycle is the phases of a customer’s journey through your business.


Operations is the fourth step in your customer’s journey. This step is where you ship a product or perform a service for your customer.

business cycle operations

Operations & Your Business

Operations is the process of performing the work or shipping the product to your customer.  Operations can be very different for different companies especially if they sell products or they sell services.  However, they all share in common that this is the phase of the business cycle where a sale is fulfilled.

It is important in the operations phase to have systems to help with your business processes in the form of line-of-business solutions.  This might include a Point-of-Sale (POS) system, an inventory control system, an appointment booking system, a payment processing system, a manufacturing system and an invoicing system.  The benefit of having a line-of-business system is the system provide an integrated way to use technology to help your operation processes.



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