The Business Cycle is the phases of a customer’s journey through your business.


Customer Service is the fifth step in your customer’s journey. This step involves providing any after-sale support.

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Customer Service & Your Business

Customer service is supporting your customer after the fulfilling the sale.  Customer service is typically answering any questions that customer may have about your product or service.  It may also mean dealing with a customer that is frustrated and wants their issue resolved.  This is where the saying “the customer is always right” comes into play.  But, the customer may be confused or doesn’t actually understand how your product or service works.  So, this is an opportunity for training to help with their frustration.  The goal is to try to resolve their issue but not to forgot that some customers are really not your best customers.

Customer service can also be the be phase of your business cycle where you can work to keep the customer for a long time.  This might be in offering additional services or products that compliment the one they already purchased.  It could be offering more training or support.  Customer service offers the opportunity to give more value to the customer so they might be a long-term customer and tell their friends and family about your products and services.



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