ML2 Solutions offers the ULTIMATE package that is tailor-suited to your business and includes a number of digital marketing projects and plans as a package.


Our ULTIMATE Package is a combination of any of our digital marketing projects and plans. We will work with you to develop a package that combines the right projects and plans that are suited for your business to accomplish your digital marketing goals. We will be like an in-house marketing team member.

  • The ULTIMATE Package is a complete set of custom digital marketing projects and plans of any of the services we offer.

  • All digital marketing services are eligible to be included.

  • The contract provides for free setup of all the digital marketing projects required to implement the digital marketing plans.  So, depending on the services selected, this is a large savings.

  • Due to the initial projects setup time commitment, the ULTIMATE Package will require a multi-month contract with a minimum of 6 months. A 12 month contract, is also available, and will be discounted 10% per month.

  • All the terms of the ULTIMATE Package will be discussed and decided in the review of the package’s scope of work.

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ULTIMATE Project Package

  • Custom Digital Marketing Projects
  • Free setup of all projects

ULTIMATE Plan Package

  • Custom Digital Marketing Plans
  • Requires minimum of 6 month contract; 12 month contact is discounted 10%


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