Search Engine Optimization (SEO) allows you to reach your customers searching for your business.


Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) allows your website to appear in search engine results on Google and Bing.  The higher ranking of your website will make it more visible to potential customers who are searching for topics or keywords related to your business.   SEO has many aspects and is a very complicated process.  It does produce results.  But, it is not a quick win and requires a lot of work.

Search Engine Optimization Projects

Our Search Engine Optimization projects involve a number of efforts listed below. Each situation is unique and we will need to have a discussion to find out if Search Engine Optimization will accomplish the goals you are looking for. We won’t promise to get you the first ranking in Google because we can’t. But, what we will do with our projects is develop a strategy to help your website rank in your specific industry.

  • SEO STRATEGY – This project includes developing a strategy for your business.

  • AUDIT – This project includes auditing an existing website and make recommendations for improvements.
  • KEYWORD RESEARCH – This project includes researching keywords, phrases and topics for your business or industry from a set of “seed keywords”. Produce a keyword list ranked by search volume along with providing the raw research data.
  • KEYWORD RANKING – This project includes creating a keyword ranking report of top 100 keywords currently ranking for.
  • COMPETITOR ANALYSIS – This project creates a SEO analysis of up to 5 competitors.

  • LINK BUILDING – This project includes developing a strategy to get links to your website on other websites on the Internet.

  • LOCAL SEO – This project includes focusing on specific SEO techniques that relate to local businesses to have your business displayed on these specific search engine results.

Search Engine Optimization Plans

Our Search Engine Optimization plans provide for ongoing maintenance of your SEO efforts. SEO does produce results but it takes time.

  • REPORTS – This plan provides for regular reports of the SEO efforts.

  • REFINEMENTS – This plan provides ongoing refinements to the SEO efforts to accomplish the SEO strategy.


SEO Audit

  • Perform website SEO audit
  • SEO website improvement recommendations

SEO Keyword Research

  • Research keywords
  • Organize using information science

Keyword Ranking

  • Create keyword ranking report of top 100 keywords

SEO Competition Analysis

  • Create a SEO analysis of up to 5 competitors

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SEO Weekly Report Standard Plan

  • Weekly report of SEO metrics
  • Keyword rankings

SEO Weekly Report Premium Plan

  • Weekly report of SEO metrics
  • Keyword rankings
  • Competition rankings


ML2 Solutions offer a number of digital marketing services to help your business generate more leads and convert them to sales.

Website Development

Your main Internet presence

Business Listings

Get your business on Internet directories

Paid Advertising

Paid Advertising gets your business directly to your audience

Conversion Rate Optimization

Improve conversion of a lead to a sale

Email Marketing

Communicate with your customers using email

Reputation Management

Reviews are the new word-of-mouth

Social Media

Connect with your customers on social media

Search Engine Optimization

Optimize search engine results

Content Marketing

Content for your target audience

Home Services Referrals

Get more referrals


Record and analysis your data

IT Projects

Create technology solutions

ML2 Solutions Guarantee


ML2 Solutions wants you to be satisfied with the digital marketing services you are paying for. If we can’t come to an agreement on how to complete your digital marketing services, we will refund your initial payment upon request with just a few conditions.  For more information on our guarantee.


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