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Your small business needs a website because the Internet is where your potential and current customers are. You also need an Internet presence on social media like Facebook and review websites like Yelp, but your website is the completely under your control and won’t change unless you change it. When someone needs something, they may ask a friend or coworker, but they will probably just “Google it”. Google is an Internet search engine that primarily returns results in the form of websites or ads. If you don’t have a website but your competitors do, who do you think your potential customers are going to contact?

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ML2 Solutions is a digital marketing agency helping businesses with website development, business listings, paid advertising, conversion rate optimization and reputation management. Our goal is to find the best solutions to your needs to help you get more customers.

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Why you need a website

A website is your main Internet presence for your business.  You have complete control of the content and messaging on your website.  Your website is available to your potential customers 24/7 to explain your business services and provide contact information.  A website has a number of components including a domain name, a hosting account and software to run your website.  Your website also needs to display well on smartphones and also load quickly.

Why you need an Internet presence

Your business need a presence on the Internet.  Potential customers need to find out information about your business.  It could be as direct as your phone number.  The Yellow Pages don’t exist anymore so people go to search engines like Google to find a business.  If they aren’t know your name, they might search for it.  But how will they find your phone number if you don’t have a website?  They might find a Yelp profile that you didn’t know you had.  They might find a business listing on the Google search results.  Or, maybe they find your competitor because Google could find your website.

A website is the best way to have an Internet presence.

A website is your own platform

A website is your platform on the Internet.  Some people say you just need a Facebook page or a Yelp profile.  You do need to have both but neither of them are things you completely control.  If Facebook or Yelp change something, you are at their mercy because your information is on their website, not your own.  Your can control everything about website because you own it.

A website is has unlimited options

Your website can have unlimited options.  Your website could be a simple one page website that just give your phone number, address and what you do.  But, your website can be much more.  It can explain your services and products to your potential customers 24 hours a day.  It can display your past work and past client testimonials.  It can include a form for a potential customer to ask for more information or get a quote.  You can even sell your product or service by adding an ecommerce solution.  The options are unlimited.



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