WP Engine is a managed WordPress website hosting company.  Unlike traditional website hosting companies, WP Engine only allows you to install WordPress in your account.  This allows them to provide many benefits to optimize a WordPress website.

One benefit of WP Engine is better WordPress website performance.  WP Engine optimizes their server setup and configuration.  They use their own caching technology so you don’t need to install any WordPress caching plugins.

Additionally, WP Engine handles a number of behind-the-scenes processes for you.  They do automatic daily backups of your WordPress website.  They also implement robust security configuration to help protect your website.  WP Engine will also automatically update your WordPress software.

WP Engine also includes some additional services as part of your monthly charge.  You get an included SSL certificate that auto-renewals.  You can also use a CDN (Content Delivery Network) to improve the performance of your website.   To help with development and testing of your website, you can create development and staging copies of your website.

Finally, WP Engine has great technical support which installed a dedicated WordPress plugin to migrate your website from a different website hosting company.

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