I had issues installing the demo content for the Avada theme.  Here is the error message.

Sorry but your import failed. Most likely, it cannot work with your webhost. You will have to ask your webhost to increase your PHP max_execution_time (or any other webserver timeout to at least 300 secs) and memory_limit (to at least 196M) temporarily.

The website I was trying was hosted on a free service plan on Azure.  I tried on a web hosting plan on Media Temple and it installed without issue.  But, I wanted to try to get it to work on both.

So, I did a number of troubleshooting steps:

After many hours of trying things, the last thing I tried was thinking I might be able to backup the database from the Media Temple account and restore to Azure.  I starting research on ClearDB website’s for info on connecting.  I downloaded a tool but couldn’t get the connection to work.  So, I gave up for the night.

My plan was to just reset everything and give up trying to import the demo content on Azure.  I would setup another domain on Media Temple for testing.

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