There are many places where you can host your Auburn, WA website. We have a few recommendation depending on your needs.

First, there is no wrong place to host your website. This is because you will figure out if the website hosting company works for your needs after you start using it. They all will host your website but in different ways and at different costs.

There are a number of different types of website hosting plans. The typical plans are shared hosting, virtual private servers, dedicated servers and cloud hosting. For most people starting out, shared hosting is fine to get started. Once you start to see performance issues due to increased traffic, you can look to purchase a more expensive website hosting plan.

The cost of website hosting plan increases with the amount of dedicated resources that you get in your plan. Dedicated resources typically given your Auburn, WA website better performance.

I recommend SiteGround as a great place to start hosting your website. They offer a number of levels which basically give your the ability to host more than one website and other features. But, there basic plan is a good place to start if you are just hosting one website. They also provide a number of performance enhancements that help your website run faster. They also offer free SSL certifications and included backups.

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If you are looking for less technical options and just want to simplify your WordPress hosting, I recommend WP Engine. They do cost more but this additional cost eliminates the need to even install WordPress and they do that for you. They also provide built-in performance enhancements and take care of security for you.


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