If you have a product or service, there is a good chance that many other people have the same need. This is why it’s so easy to start a blog and start selling stuff online.

If you have something to say, and you care enough about it to write an entire blog post about it, then you must really feel passionate about it. People will be drawn to your passion and want to hear more from you. You could have a well-trafficked blog within weeks of starting, if what you wanted to talk about was something that other people cared about.

That first post should be your sales copy: introduce yourself and what you’re selling, and give them one reason why they should listen to you. Then keep writing!

Small business owners should blog. Your customers are not just your neighbors. They’re also the people who will read about you in the local paper, or hear about you from their friends.

And when you blog, your customers will become your marketers.

Blogging is a way for a small business to get a lot of attention in a short time for a low cost, and in a way that builds value for the business over time.

A blog is an online journal or magazine, usually written by one person or a small team. The posts are dated so readers can follow along as events unfold. A blog is not so much about what happened today as what happened today and why it matters.

The best blogs are written by people who enjoy writing and know how to tell a story. They can be very funny, or very moving, or both at once; they can be concise and to the point, or long-winded and discursive; they can be straightforward accounts of events, or insightful explorations of hidden implications; they can be about important things that no one else has noticed, or trivial things that everyone has noticed but that only the blogger knows how to turn into gold.