Creating a marketing vision allows you to focus your energy on the things that will get you results instead of wasting time thinking about the things you aren’t going to get done. The most important part of a Marketing Plan is identifying your overall target market and target goals.

Before you create a marketing plan, determine what is your ultimate goal. What do you want more? More customers? More press? More money? The answer to this question can provide direction to your marketing efforts. Once you have this, you can create marketing strategies that work in conjunction with the goals you have chosen. Marketing isn’t easy, but it does offer many rewards if you work on it.

Once you have a direction for your marketing efforts, break the project down into sub-topics based on the problems or needs that you see. Each problem or need will allow you to create a series of specific tasks that relate to that problem. Once you have the tasks in place, write a goal for each one and design a timeline for when you intend to complete them. This is how you track your progress toward achieving your goal without being distracted by unexpected events or poor timing.