ML2 Solutions offers our GROW package for a business wanted to grow by getting more leads.

GROW Package

Our GROW Package is a combination of our digital marketing projects and plans.  It includes the projects and plans in our START Package which include a foundation of a website along with business listings profiles, review websites profiles, social media accounts and home service referral websites profiles.  The GROW Package also includes conversion rate optimization, email marketing, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), content marketing and analytics.  These all work together to give your business a great Internet presence and get more leads.  Since this is a bundle of our services, we will give you a discount.

Benefits of GROW Package

Our GROW Package includes everything with offer in our START Package but add on more services to help grow your business and get more leads.

  • Conversion Rate Optimization provide a method on your website to capture specific information to allow potential customers to request a quote or get an estimate.  Depending on your pricing model, the website form can even allow you to capture data to make a sale.
  • Email Marketing allows you to continue to communicate with your current customer which allows for the opportunity to get repeat services.  But, you can also provide information to your customers about your business so your business is top of their mind.
  • Search Engine Optimization helps to rank your company higher in search engine results when different searches are performed.  When people are searching for your industry, it is important that your business is displayed in the search engine results.
  • Content Marketing is having a strategy about what content your potential customers want and would answer their questions.  So, when you add content to your website or social media, the content all fits in with your strategy and the audience you are trying to target.
  • Analytics is the recording and analyze of all the data generated through your digital marketing efforts.  This data allows you to see what is working and what isn’t so you can make business decisions on where to focus your digital marketing efforts.

Our GROW Package is an entire digital marketing effort to grow your business.  All of the services are integrated together to raise the awareness of your company and get you more leads to help your business grow.

GROW Project Package

  • WEBSITE – ML2 Solutions will build a basic website with the following pages: home, about, services, portfolio and contact web pages.  The website will be modern in appearance and mobile friendly.  The website will also include additional web pages like history, “how we work”, FAQ, testimonials and a blog.  Custom images and custom text will be done.

  • BUSINESS LISTINGS – We will create accounts at Google My Business, Bing Places for Business and LinkedIn and additional configurations.

  • REPUTATION MANAGEMENT – We will create profiles on Yelp, Google Reviews and Facebook Reviews and additional configurations.

  • SOCIAL MEDIA – We will create accounts at Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest and additional configurations.

  • HOME SERVICES REFERRALS – We will create profiles at Angie’s List, HomeAdvisor and Thumbtack and additional configurations.

  • CONVERSION RATE OPTIMIZATION – We will create a website form.

  • EMAIL MARKETING – We will create an email marketing account.

  • SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION – We will provide website configurations, keyword analysis and create a content strategy.

GROW Plan Package

  • WEBSITE – ML2 Solutions will host your website and provide updates, backups and security.  We will provide advanced reports.  We will also make 10 minor website changes monthly.

  • BUSINESS LISTINGS – We will provide monthly ongoing monitoring and weekly advanced reports.

  • REPUTATION MANAGEMENT – We will provide monthly ongoing monitoring and weekly advanced reports.  We will also respond to reviews.

  • SOCIAL MEDIA – We will provide monthly ongoing monitoring and weekly advanced reports.  We will also post weekly content.

  • HOME SERVICES REFERRALS – We will provide monthly ongoing monitoring and weekly advanced reports.

  • CONVERSION RATE OPTIMIZATION – We will report weekly results along with reporting on lead conversion results.

  • EMAIL MARKETING – We will create a monthly email campaign and provide weekly reports.

  • SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION – We will provide ongoing SEO services and provide weekly reports.

  • CONTENT MARKETING – We will create two web articles or blog posts a month.

  • ANALYTICS – We will send a complete monthly report on all digital marketing efforts.


  • EMAIL HOSTING – We will configure and maintain a custom email address for your business on Microsoft Office 365 or Google G-Suite.  The monthly charge will be $100 plus $6 per user per month.

  • PAID ADVERTISING – We will setup paid advertising campaigns.  Our services don’t include the ad budget.  We will setup a paid advertising campaign project for $1,000 per platform.  An associated website landing page will also be created.  We will provide weekly reports and ad optimization for between $500 and $1,000 a month.

  • IT PROJECTS – ML2 Solutions will configure IT Projects like a line-of-business solution or a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solution.  These will need a custom quote.

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GROW Project Package

  • Discounted from $6,000. A savings of 16% when bundled as a package.
  • Website Project – $2,500
  • Business Listings Project – $500
  • Reputation Management Project – $500
  • Social Media Project – $500
  • Home Service Referrals Project – $500
  • Conversion Rate Optimization Project – $500
  • Email Marketing Project – $500
  • Search Engine Optimization Project – $500

GROW Plan Package

  • Discounted from $4,500. A savings of 22% when bundled as a package.
  • Website Plan – $500
  • Business Listings Plan – $250
  • Reputation Management Plan – $500
  • Social Media Plan – $500
  • Home Service Referrals Plan – $250
  • Conversion Rate Optimization Plan – $500
  • Email Marketing Plan – $500
  • Search Engine Optimization Plan – $500
  • Content Marketing Plan – $500
  • Analytics Plan – $500


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ML2 Solutions Guarantee


ML2 Solutions wants you to be satisfied with the digital marketing services you are paying for. If we can’t come to an agreement on how to complete your digital marketing services, we will refund your initial payment upon request with just a few conditions.  For more information on our guarantee.


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