ML2 Solutions will perform a personalized Digital Marketing Audit of your business.


A digital marketing audit will give you a big picture view of your digital marketing efforts. Traditional advertising and marketing are gone or changing so you need digital marketing. If you aren’t found via an online presence, your potential customers lack information on you and the possibility to make a sale. Digital marketing is the most inexpensive way to reach your target market. Your competition is using digital marketing and so should you.

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The benefit of having a digital marketing audit is you will see what you are doing well with digital marketing and areas you could improve.

We will review 10 areas of digital marketing and answer at least 5 questions per area.  We will provide at least 2 recommendations for improvements in each of the 10 areas.  We will provide a single document of results and recommendations.

Below are the areas included in your Digital Marketing Audit.

  • Website

  • Business Listings

  • Reputation Management

  • Conversion Rate Optimization

  • Social Media

  • Email Marketing

  • Paid Advertising

  • Search Engine Optimization

  • Content Marketing

  • Analytics

The audit will start with a survey to answer some questions.  This could be a phone interview, if preferred.  

The results will be sent in a PDF.  If preferred, the results could be reviewed by phone.

Total Project Cost

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Our digital marketing checklist is the first step in evaluating your Internet presence. The checklist looks at your website, business listings, reputation management, conversion rate optimization and social media.  If you would like additional help, ML2 Solutions has a personalized Digital Marketing Audit for $250 which looks at the 5 components listed above but also includes email marketing, paid advertising, SEO, content marketing and analytics. Sign up below.

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