A monthly website maintenance plan provide for hosting your website and ongoing maintenance of your website. If you are using WordPress for your website, there will be periodic updates to WordPress, your theme and your plug-ins. These updates need to be installed to get the latest features and security benefits.

Additionally, a website maintenance plan can include backing up your website. Backups are important for your website is a mistake is made or if there is an issue like a corruption or security issue.

A website maintenance plan should include regular security scans and availability monitoring. Unfortunately, your website may be attacked or compromised which a security scan can determine. Also, you want to make sure your website is available so you should monitor it regular to get an alert if your website is offline.

Finally, a website maintenance plan should include a regular reports of website analytics like visitors, page viewed, sources of traffics and many other metrics.

A website maintenance plan is a very important of website to make sure your website is always available to serve your potential and current customers.