UTM parameters are a technique to track visitors to your website.  They are values that are added to a URL.

UTM parameters are values for the parameters of source, medium and name.

URLs with UTM parameters can be placed on a number of places on the Internet like other websites, social media, paid ads and any content you create with a link.

UTM parameters don’t require any configuration to be tracked by Google Analytics.  They are automatic.  The values that you set for the parameters will automatically show up in Google Analytics for the dimensions of source, medium and name.

UTM parameters are easy to see in a couple of reports in Google Analytics.  One report is in the Acquisition grouping, then All Traffic and the Source/Medium report.  The other report is also in the Acquisition grouping, then Campaigns and the All Campaigns reports.  But, UTM parameters can show up in any report that can have a second dimension added.

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