Google AdWords Campaign Improvements


PAID ADVERTISING PROJECT ML2 Solutions has helped a wide range of businesses with their digital marketing needs. GOOGLE ADWORDS CAMPAIGN IMPROVEMENTS Paid Advertising project for a Home Service company A Home Service company had been running a Google AdWords campaign for many years.  Unfortunately, due to employees changes, the campaign hadn’t been actively managed or monitored for many of those years. The first thing was to pause all the current campaigns because they didn’t have any associated company goals, used widely different bid strategies, all pointed to the home page and co-mingled different ad placements.  The first step was to work with the general manager and determine his goals which were to increase the number of email quotes.   Additionally, a spreadsheet was created to track certain AdWords metrics like impressions, clicks, click through rates and number of emails received. The next effort was to determine keywords using information science techniques.  The first effort was to determine keywords related to the industry [...]

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