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Business Listings project for a Home Service company

Portfolio example of Business Listing Standardization Project

Project Description

A Home Service company needed to have its online profiles standardized to present a common branding across the Internet.

The first step was to confirm the company details.  These were the exact way the business name should be represented with the use of a hyphen and the lack of the “LLC” description.  The company also had a number of phone numbers for different areas codes so on phone number was selected.  The final data point was the operating hours.   For branding images, a single image for the logo was selected.  Different images of the company like a picture of the company service trucks and images of the service being performed were selected.  All these images were organized into a common folder.

An additional step was to create a standard business description.   This was added to with a short “bio” statement and a longer history statement of the company.

The next step was to organize all the existing username and passwords for the current Internet profiles and accounts.  These included Google My Business, Yelp, Facebook, Angie’s List, HomeAdvisor and Thumbtack.   To streamline things, a new email distribution list was created called   All profiles were logged into and this new email address was changed or added to the accounts.  All the usernames and passwords were recorded on a single spreadsheet.

Finally, each Internet profile was updated to included the standardized company info and operating hours, company description and images.  In the process of doing these updates, a few issues needed to be resolved.  There were multiple locations that existed on Google My Business that needed to be removed.  Locations on Bing Maps needed be combined and claimed.   The URL to the company website on the profiles was expanded to include tracking info that would display in Google Analytics.  This standardized information was updated on the company website.


Service:Business Listings
Project URL:confidential
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