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Reputation Management project for a Home Service company

Portfolio example of Review Solicitation Email Campaign

Project Description

A Home Service company wanted to improve its reviews.   A review solicitation email campaign was created.

The goal of this project was to contact customers after their service and ask them to review their home service.  The first step was for the operation manager to identify on a daily basis appropriate customers to contact.  The customer’s email had been collected as part of the appointment creation to send a notification of the upcoming service.  The customer’s email along with other data about their service was obtained by running a report from the line-of-business database.  This data was then entered into a Google Form.  The Google Form added the entered data into a Google Sheet.  The Google Sheet was monitored by a Zapier app to look for new entries.   These entries were than sent to a MailChimp campaign.

The MailChimp campaign had an email template that asked the customer to rate their experience on a 5 star ranking system.  The email was sent 2 days after the service was performed.  Depending on which star was clicked, a different website landing page was opened.   If 1 star was clicked, the website landing page asked if they would like to contact the operation manager to discuss their service.  If 2 or 3 stars were clicked, the website landing page thanked them for their feedback and asked if they wanted to sign up for the company’s newsletter. If 5 stars were clicked, the website landing page thanked the customer for the feedback and asked if they would be willing to review the company.  A link was provided to the review website.

The links in the email had tracking elements which were passed to Google Analytics.  In Google Analytics, a dashboard was created with showed the tracking results along with the visits to the specific landing pages.  This dashboard was sent out on a daily basis to the operation manager.  The review websites were monitored for new reviews also.


Service:Reputation Management
Project URL:confidential
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