This article is about deleting a WordPress website from Media Temple when it isn’t your primary website. Here are the steps to add another domain on Media Temple.

Here are the steps to remove a domain:

  • Click on the Domain menu and then Show All.
    • Click the Admin button
    • Click the command Remove Domain Entry
    • Accept the warning
  • Remove the database
    • Click on Overview menu
    • click on Admin button
    • click on Manage Database
    • click the delete icon for the database you want to remove
  • Remove files
    • you need to remove the actual files
      • Using FTP, login and delete the folder with the same name as the domain
      • Using SSH, login and use the following commands
        • cd domains
        • rm -R foldername
  • DNS records
    • Delete any records associated with this domain where you host the DNS records for the domain