Below are the steps to add another domain to an existing Media Temple Grid account.

  • log into your Media Temple account
  • Click Add a Domain
  • Click Add Domain
  • Enter domain name
  • Check I already own this domain
  • Check No to buy a new Grid Service with this domain
  • Click Use This Domain
  • Click the existing service
  • Click Continue Order
  • Click Yes, please add this domain that mail will be disabled since it hosted elsewhere
  • Click Continue Order
  • Wait until a while hosting folder is created.


The next step is to point your DNS records.

  • Media Temple
    • Click on Overview and then click on Admin
    • Click View Your Guide under Service Guide
    • make a note of the IP address under the DNS section
  • Hover
    • Login into your account
    • click on domain and the DNS tab
    • Change the @ and * DNS records to have the IP address from Media Temple


The default hosting folder at Media Temple has no content so create a simple index.html file and upload it.


Wait a few minutes and try browsing to the URL and seeing if the index.html file loads.