I was making some changes to the software I used for my weather time-lapse videos.  I hadn’t really looked at the WordPress Woicik Weather Video Blog in a while.  I didn’t really like the fact that the automatic YouTube plug-in created the videos as a separate post type that won’t show up in the post area automatically.  So, I did a new search and found a plug-in called Automatic YouTube Video Posts.  This sounds like want I was looking for in that it would place new videos from your YouTube channel directly into a new post.  I went to download it and found out I had already installed it.  So, I deactivated the current plug-in and activated this one.  It worked great.  It automatically grabbed the last 20 videos.  I tried an import command and it did download a bunch more though not everything but no big deal in the end since they are all available on the YouTube channel.