Reliablesite.Net uses WebsitePanel as their control panel for their Windows web hosting.  I couldn’t find any online help but did a search and found WebsitePanel’s website.  They had an user guide.

I like a couple of features right away:

  • Hosting Space Summary – The summary page showed all the configuration of the space in one central place.
  • Backup – I really like the idea of a single click to not just backup the website files but this command backed up the entire space including home folders, DNS zones, the web site, FTP accounts and statistics site.
  • Schedule Tasks – The feature had a built-in feature to backup the website file to a ZIP file.  I had to figure out the paths for the tasks parameters.  For the Space Folder, I set the parameter to “\domainname\”.  I set the Zip File to “\backups\[date][time].zip”.  In this scenario, the backup folder isn’t backed up.

There was also a built-in statistic server.  I enabled that too.