I was starting to notice some performance issues with the page loading of the WordPress blog.  It was consistent that the home page and admin page would load slowly.  I called GoDaddy technical support.  I have to admit the support wasn’t bad.  They picked up the phone and did say there was some issues.  But, the performance didn’t improve.  I called again and this time was told it was probably a plug-in issue and I should use a caching plug-in.  This didn’t make a lot of sense since I hadn’t posted any content yet.

I did some research on the GoDaddy forums and found a posting called WordPress installation – choosing domain with deluxe hosting.  On the surface, this made sense.  PHP was intended to be hosted on Linux and not Windows hosting.

So, I did some research on how to move from Windows hosting to Linux hosting.  The process seemed straightforward.  Previously at Network Solutions, the only way to move from Windows to Linux was to start a new Linux hosting account and cancel the Windows hosting account.

The migration went fine and the performance was great.