On the Astronomy Calculator on Clear Sky Tonight, the website is a series of HTML web pages on a Linux web server that has iframes that link to the series of ASP.NET page on a Windows web server.  I recently noticed that when you calculate one of the calculators, the page refreshes and loads again at the top of the parent page and the page needs to be scrolled to see the result in the iframe.  I don’t remember this on the first calculators I created but the recent ones are longer on the page.

I did some research but didn’t find any technique that seem to fix the issue.  In a perfect world, I should make the whole site ASP.NET but not something I want to do at this time.  However, I found a solution but not exactly sure why it works.  I used the command Focus() in the page load code to have the cursor move to the first input textbox.  I decided to try using this same command on the button click code and it worked.  The page no longer scrolled back to the top of the parent page and the result label stayed in view.