I have been noticing a number of articles in the past about Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) but hadn’t read any of them.  But, then something caught my eye about how to configure for WordPress.  The steps seemed straightforward so made a note to go back and try it out.  After some testing, here is what I figured out.


  • Install WordPress plugins
    • AMP by Automattic
    • Glue for Yoast SEO & AMP by Joost de Valk
  • AMP
    • no configuration but test by going to a post URL and adding “/amp/” at the end
    • Note: pages are not converted yet using this plugin
  • AMP – Yoast SEO
    • Post Types
      • enable appropriate post types
    • Design tab
      • upload AMP icon

One of the articles also mentioned to check the Google Search Console to see if the AMP pages were present.