I woke up in the morning with a plan of action to reset my WordPress installation and Avada theme.  However, I got an email from ClearDB that I had exceeded my database size of 20MB.  This is the size limitation for the free database.  I wondered if some of the failed imports did add some content.  I thought I would just log into the WordPress admin interface and reset the content.  However, I couldn’t log in.  So, that started another phase of troubleshooting.

  • I decided to try again to get direct access to the database and figured I could delete something.  ClearDB website mentions to use MySQL Workbench.  So, I downloaded that and tried to created a connection.  The connection info is in your ClearDB endpoints tab.
  • I entered the info into new connection profile and clicked Test Connection
    • I received an error message that “SSL not enabled”.  I researched this error message and found out I needed to import some SSL certificates.  I did that but then got an error message about a private key.  I researched that.  It didn’t solve the issue.
    • Finally, I must have just clicked OK to save the profile.  I opened the connection and it opened fine.
  • I started researching ways to delete the content in posts.  I found SQL scripts and even tried manually removing them.  However, the size of the database never changed in the ClearDB dashboard.
  • Finally, I noticed a Backups & Jobs tab in the ClearDB dashboard.  I just went ahead and restored the earliest backup.
  • The size still didn’t change but decided to take a break.  When I returned, the database size was 1 MB and everything was working again.