One of the functionalities I knew I needed to have was a way to monitor my website to confirm it was up.  I did some research and tool I went with was Pingdom.

Pingdom is just about website monitoring.  It offers a free account that will allow you to monitor one website.  I setup that account to start.  You created a “check” based on a URL.  It also allows 1 minute checks which many of the other website monitoring services didn’t have.  You can send alerts via SMS or email.  I prefer email.

The other feature I like was the reports.  You can setup daily, weekly and monthly reports to be sent by email.

I decided to move to the first paid plan which allowed for 5 checks and cost $9.95 per month.  I figured it would be good to monitor the home page of the blog and forums.  I might need a few more in the future and they have an “extra services” option where you can just add one more check for $.50 a month.