After my initial configuration of the phpBB, I noticed a few new members which seemed great.  Then I realized it was spam.  So, I started doing some research into spam prevention.

I found a link on the phpBB support forums on preventing spam in phpBB.   I was already using the Newly Registered User Group but I had approved the members.   I decided to try the Q&A CAPTCHA.  I made a simple astronomy question for the Clear Sky Tonight forums.

But, the downloadable CAPTCHA plugin sounded like a better solution on the idea that the more unique your forum is, the harder it will be for the spambots.  I looked at the plugins that were available and selected the Sortables CAPTCHA plugin.  I checked a sortable list of the different planets.

As an extra measure, I configured a Custom Profile Field.

With these two measures in place, I haven’t received any spambots.