I had created an account for Google Analytics a long time ago. Over the years, I had added additional websites to this one account after the first website I created. Having multiple websites in one account, it made it much easier to quickly look at the different website metrics. This had served me fine for many years.

But recently, I realized the number of websites in my one Google Analytics account was getting a little unmanageable. It wasn’t that it couldn’t work but just that the purposes of the websites weren’t the same. I just wanted to separate the websites into two groups. So, I did some research and it turned out this was an easy goal to obtain.

So, I created an entirely new Google Account and then used it to create a Google Analytics account. I then followed the instructions in this Google help article. https://support.google.com/analytics/answer/6370521?hl=en It is important to have a few prerequisites done. First, the Google accounts need to both have Manage Users and Edit permission on both accounts. Second, you need to be logged into both accounts. This can be done by logging into Google Analytics with one account and then adding the second account.

The steps are:

  • Click on Admin
  • open the account you want to move
  • Go to Property Settings
  • Click the Move Property button
  • Select the destination account.
  • Click Move
  • Click Save