I was in the process of migrating a website to HTTPS.  This migration involved using Cloudflare to handle the SSL certificate.  The website has a blog on WordPress, a forum using phpBB and a wiki using MediaWiki.  The blog and forum worked find but the wiki won’t load with the following error message.

[Wq9Als26rAsAAEtNvmwAAAAG] 2018-03-19 04:46:15: Fatal exception of type MWException

I did some searching and found a way to get a more verbose error message.  In the LocalSettings.php, add “$wgShowExceptionDetails = true;”.  The verbose error message was:

[Wq82-s26rAoAAB1JWqgAAAAA] /wiki/Articles MWException from line 1176 of /nfs/c09/h05/mnt/000000/domains/domain.com/html/w/includes/WebRequest.php: WebRequest::getRawIP : Could not determine the remote IP address due to multiple values.


#0 /nfs/c09/h05/mnt/000000/domains/domain.com/html/w/includes/WebRequest.php(1203): WebRequest->getRawIP()
#1 /nfs/c09/h05/mnt/000000/domains/domain.com/html/w/includes/Setup.php(665): WebRequest->getIP()
#2 /nfs/c09/h05/mnt/000000/domains/domain.com/html/w/includes/WebStart.php(114): require_once(string)
#3 /nfs/c09/h05/mnt/000000/domains/domain.com/html/w/index.php(40): require(string)
#4 {main}

I did some searching and found a reference in the the MediaWiki manual that said there are know issues.  The article had many possible solutions but none that I could implement on my hosted web server.  One patch even said it was obsolete in nearer versions of MediaWiki.

I did some more searching and found a Cloudflare support article that said the fix did work in later version of MediaWiki.  The fix is:

UPDATE: For versions around 1.27.1

  • Go to line 1232 in GlobalFunctions.php, change REMOTE_ADDR to HTTP_CF_CONNECTING_IP.
  • Next, go to WebRequest.php, in lines 1151 to line 1159, change REMOTE_ADDR to HTTP_CF_CONNECTING_IP. (approximately three lines to change).

I made the changes, though the line numbers weren’t correct, and MediaWiki would now load using Cloudflare for HTTPS.