I was setting up a new WordPress site. The installation went fine and I was redirected to login for the first time. I typed in the password and it didn’t work. I tried again. I tried again. Nothing work. I tried the link to reset my password but it said email wasn’t configured. Since a new WordPress installation, I probably didn’t have something set correctly. So, I did a Google search to try to figure out my options. Fortunately, there is a method to reset your password.

This method that a little understanding of the database that runs WordPress so it might seem a little complicated but I had just installed WordPress so there wasn’t much risk. I could always delete everything and install WordPress again.

The first step is to login into phpMyAdmin to access the MySQL database. There should be a way to start this program in your web hosting account. Here are the remaining steps:

  • Find the database table “users” though the name might start with a prefix.
  • Find your username and click edit
  • Find the column “user_pass” and enter a new password.
    • The key is to set the function to MD5 so the password is then encrypted.
  • Click Go to save the change.