The 1-click installation routine didn’t work for my latest domain name so here are the steps I did to install WordPress manually.

  • download current version of WordPress and unzip
  • Login into Media Temple
  • Create database
    • Click on Overview –> Admin –> Manage Databases
    • Click Add New Database
    • Enter appropriate database name like testdevwp
  • upload unzipped file to the root folder of “html”
  • Start a web browser and go to the domain name
  • click on language
  • Click Let’s go
  • In Media Temple account, click on Overview –> Admin –> Manage Databases
    • click View Your Guide
    • copy the appropriate information to the WordPress configuration screen from the Database section
    • Click Submit
  • Click Run the install
  • Enter information
  • Click Install WordPress


Log in and confirm everything is working.