Since I was embedding the Astronomy Calculator calculations (ASP.NET running on Windows) inside a Clear Sky Tonight web page (HTML on Linux), I wanted a way to track the number of people who ran the calculations.  My long term goal is to convert the ASP.NET to a web service but in the short term, I figured I would just add Google Analytics now.  So, I added the necessary code and waited a day to check my Google Analytics account.  There was no results.  I then remembered the new real-time feature and set up a test.  If I went directly to the ASPX page, a visitor was recorded.  However, nothing was recorded with iframe.

I started doing some research and Google Analytics mentioned that you have to modify the code for cross tracking multiple domains.    However, I noticed that a visitor was recorded when using my iPhone.  More research lead me to a figure out it was an Internet Explorer only issue related to P3P.  I found P3P was a W3C privacy initiative.  So, I started researching this and trying to add the necessary code but I still couldn’t get Google Analytics to work.  I also found out that most web browsers don’t even look for P3P, except for IE.  So, I embarked on a challenge to figure it out.

Cutting to the end, the solution was in two forum posting: and!topic/analytics/x9wSHHAsVGE.  The solution was to add a custom HTTP header to my Windows hosting account.

Below are the articles I used in my research:!topic/analytics/LEie8Lx69oI