I started a personal website back in late 1990s.  I registered my first domain name in 1999.  My personal website was first started to learn about HTML.  I used an Adobe product called PageMill.  It was one of the first WYSIWYG HTML editors.  My personal website next moved into a way to keep my bookmarks and then a way to post photos of my children for the grandparents.  There was an automatic photo thumbnail creation feature in Microsoft FrontPage that worked great for this feature.

So, I wasn’t a novice when it came to websites but I was never an expert or really that knowledgeable about HTML.  So, when I discovered GoDaddy’s Hosted Connection, I was very impressed.  I had heard of WordPress and Drupal.  The idea that you just clicked a button and was able to install the application sounded awesome to me.  I looked through the list of other applications and my mind started to imagine the possibility of providing services online.