When thinking about a business name, it is very important to also think about your domain name. Business names typically need to be unique within the governmental jurisdiction that you register your Redmond, WA business. But, a domain name is international which means there is a chance someone else has already taken the name. So, when brainstorming your business name, check for the availability of a similar domain name.

Fortunately, there a number of Top Level Domain name options. A Top Level Domain is the part at the end of a domain name like .com or .net. For more information about domain names, please read this article. A domain name plus a specific Top Level Domain can only be registered to one person.

If you can, try to get the .com domain name that matches your business name. It isn’t required but most people just assume your domain name ends in .com. You can get a different Top Level Domain if the .com is unavailable but not be actively used by a similar company. That will just cause brand confusion.