I started a new Astronomy Calculator that needed a date inputted.  So, I created an ASP.NET page and inserted the calendar control.  It looked like a good solution but since this was for astronomical calculations, someone might want to select a year far in the past.  Scrolling was way too painful.

So, I did a web search and found an ASP.NET AJAX extender that would link a calendar control to a textbox.  I tried out the samples and thought this would be a better way.  So, I started to read about the installation process.  I tried to use the NuGet Package Manager but it didn’t work.  I thought it might be because I was using the Express version of Visual Studio.  I next tried to manually install but when I ran the code, I received many errors.  I also found this method to install from the Package Manager Console.

Then I remember having had issues if Visual Web Developer wasn’t run as an admin on Windows 7.  I tried that and was able to install the package.

Finally, I reviewed how to Display a Simple Popup Calendar sample.  The key step I missed was to add the ToolkitScriptManager control.  Everything started working great.