I next wanted to figure out a way to add ads to my WordPress blog.  I decided to look at Google Adsense first.  The signup was straightforward.  I signed up for my personal website first as a test.  I was approved in a couple of days and went about creating ads.  Google has a good article called the One Click Optimizer.  The article goes through some sample ad placements for different type of websites.

I then decided to create a different Google Adsense account for my business ads.  I created the account and waited for the approval email from Google.  A week went by and still no email.  I started doing some research and I found many posts that mentioned people didn’t get approval for months.  After a few more weeks, I just gave up and waited.  There is no way to contact Google to ask for status.

Eventually, my approval email arrived and I started integrated ads into my websites.  I went with banner ads on the home page that was a text/image ad at 728×90.  I added one at the top of the page and one at the bottom.