As I was checking the HTTPS migration, I noticed that iframes that hosted the Astronomy Calculator on Clear Sky Tonight weren’t loading.  The issue was mixed content since the iframe was still HTTP.  But, I realized I couldn’t just change the URL to HTTPS.  I started during some research and found out that the Azure Shared account I was used didn’t allow SSL certificates to be installed.  I could upgrade to the next plan but that cost more.  So, did some Google searching and found the article below that said you could add HTTPS but routing through CloudFlare.  Since I was already doing that for Clear Sky Tonight, it seems like the solution.  Here are the steps.


  • Add site in CloudFlare
    • Enter domain name
    • Let query DNS records
    • Select Free plan
    • Review found DNS records
    • Change DNS name servers at your registrar
  • Wait for pending DNS modification