A Google My Business account is a Google service that shows information about your business in Google Search and Maps.

A Google My Business account is a business listing that Google provides for free.  It shows up in a number of places.  Your business can be displayed in Google Search when searching for your business name.  This is called a Knowledge Panel.  Additionally in Google Search, your Google My Business account might show up when searching for your industry.  Related businesses will show on a map and this is called a local map pack.  Finally, your business may show up in Google Maps.

A Google My Business account displays information about your business.   This information includes your website, business hours, physical address and business phone number.  It also displays a business description, photos, reviews left about your business and posts of information you create.

To create a Google My Business account, first you need a Google Account.  Then go to the website https://www.google.com/business/ and start the process.  You will first be asked for your business name to confirm an unclaimed account doesn’t already exist.  Then the process will ask for an industry category.  Next you can set if customers visit your physical location.  If you answer no, you can set a service area for your business.  Then, you can enter a phone number or website.  Finally, you complete the process.

The final step is to verify your Google My Business account.  This is typically done by Google sending you a postcard to your physical address with a special code.  That code is entered into your Google My Business account to claim it.

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