A Facebook Page is a presence on the Facebook platform for your business.  It is different than your personal account on Facebook that can have its own followers and interactions without you have to friend someone.

A Facebook Page allows to make connections using the concept of followers.  These are people who like your Facebook Page and will receive updates that you post on your Facebook Page.  These updates are similar to updates you make on your personal Facebook account that can be text, images or videos.  You can also interact with other Facebook Pages as your Facebook Page so you don’t have to show your personal information.

A Facebook Page can also have business specific features.  One is reviews.  A Facebook Page allows for people to leave reviews of your business similar to Yelp or Google.  Another is events.  You can schedule different upcoming events that people can join.  These could be in-person or virtual on your Facebook Page.  A Facebook Page also allows you to message with people as your Facebook Page.

A Facebook Page has some advanced features.  One is the ability to look at analytics about who is visiting and interacting with your Facebook Page.  Another is the ability to scheduling posts to be visible in the future.  Finally, a Facebook Page is needed for many types of advertising on the Facebook platform.

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