Google Search Console is a Google service which displays information about your website and how it is indexed by Google Search.  The data will be visible once you add your website as a property in the Google Search Console and prove your own the website.  Google Search Console shows a number of values about your website.

Google Search Console has an area called “Performance”.  The Performance area shows the number of times your website is displayed as a result for a search query.  This is called an impression.  It also shows you the number of queries your website is displayed along with the keywords used in that query.  Google Search Console also shows the number of times someone clicked on the result and the position of that result.

Google Search Console also has an area of data called “Coverage”.   The Coverage area show information about the pages on your website that Google Search has crawled.  There may be errors or warnings that you should fix.  Or, it could be valid or excluded website pages.  This area is helpful because it shows you exactly how your website pages are in the Google Search index.

Google Search Console also shows links about your website.  These links are hyperlinks in the HTML code that allow you to go between different web pages and websites in your web browser.  Google Search Console shows both external links from other websites and internal links between pages on your website.  This data is very help for SEO purposes.

Google Search Console has two additional areas.  One is Manual Actions which shows if Google manually applied something about your website like a spam penalty.  The other is Security Issues which shows if Google found any security issues with your website.

Finally, Google Search Console provide two commands that you can submit to Google Search.  The first is a sitemap.  A sitemap is a list of website pages that you want Google Search to index.  The format of this file is in XML.  The second is Removals which is where you would like web pages removed from the Google Search Index.

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