A domain name is part of the address you type into a web browser to go to a website.  It is also part of an email address.  It is a way to find resources on the Internet.

A domain name has a number of parts.  For example, the address https://www.companyname.com has a domain name of “companyname”.  The “www” is the name of a specific host or server.  The “com” is the top-level domain name.  A top-level domain name is a way to organize different parts of the Internet for things like commercial (com) or educational (edu).  But, the lines have blurred as the Internet grew.  Additionally, new top-level domains have been allowed like BIZ or CO that are options.

It is a good idea to match your business name to a domain name.  This sometimes is difficult because a business name only needs to be unique in your government that registers business names.  But, there can only be one domain name per top-level domain name.

There are a number of tools to help brainstorm domain names.  The easiest domain name is one that exactly matches your business name.  But there is a good chance that domain name might already be taken so you need to brainstorm some alternatives.  Once you have a few options, the next step is to check availability of the domain names at a domain name registrar.  A domain name registrar is a company that will lease a domain name to you for fee per year.  You can check the different combination of domain name and top-level domain names until you find one that is available.

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