Google Search Console is a service from Google to show data about how Google Search sees your website.  As the owner of your website, Google allows you to monitor your website’s presence in the Google search engine results.

Google Search Console first confirms that Google is able to crawl your website.  Crawling a website means Google is able to add your website to its collection of websites to show in its search engine results.  If there are any problems with this process, Google Search Console is a place where you can see this.  Google will also send you email for some of the alerts.

Google Search Console also provides data about search traffic that goes to your website.  It provides the number of queries that your website was relevant for.  It Google Search Console will show the keywords there were used in the search query and if they resulted in any clicks.  It will also show the position in the search engine results for those keywords.

Finally, Google Search Console will show you data about links.  Links are hyperlinks used in web pages either in your website or from other websites.  The value of knowing what websites link to your website can help with SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

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