Here are the steps:

  • Download Microsoft Azure PowerShell
  • Open console
  • Enter the Add-AzureAccount command
    • Login with Microsoft account and password


To get a list of cmdlets, enter the command “get-help azure”.


I was curious if I could create a command to stop and start a virtual machine.  I did some research and found the commands.  The one question I had was what was the service name.  The service name is the DNS name.

To start a VM, the command is:

  • Start-AzureVM -ServiceName “mgw-vm-test1” -Name “mgw-vm-test1”


To stop a VM, the command is:

  • Stop-AzureVM -ServiceName “mgw-vm-test1” -Name “mgw-vm-test1” -Force


To check status on a VM, the command is:

Get-AzureVM -ServiceName “mgw-vm-test1” -Name “mgw-vm-test1”