After the initial configuration and loading our existing map, the world was very laggy.   Found this article about performance.  It was very in-depth but one of the first thing I noticed was CPU.  I add selected a VM configuration in Azure mostly based on price but then increased it for more RAM.  I assumed CPU would be go enough at because it was a dual-core.  But, as the article mentioned, there is a lot of calculation going one.  I had already notice the time tick warnings.

So, I researched out to convert to a better VM.  The VM had a 60% better CPU and used SSD storage.  After the re-provisioning finished, I tested and it did seem much faster.  The CPU usage stayed around 70%.

I had only selected one core CPU because it mentioned that Minecraft wasn’t multiple threaded.  But, I decided to try re-provisioning to two cores and see the performance.  In addition to Minecraft, Windows can take advantage of multiple cores so it will spread out the processes.

I did a quick test after this change and the performance of Minecraft seemed much better.  The CPU utilization was about the same but spread over both cores.