I wanted to convert a Azure A series VM to a D series but there wasn’t a way to do it in the configuration settings.  So, I did some Internet searching and found the following steps:

  • Stop the VM
  • Delete the VM including the domain name but don’t delete the disk.
  • Create a new D series VM
    • Use the old portal
    • Click New “+”
    • Select Compute –> Virtual Machine –> From Gallery
    • Select My Disks
    • Select appropriate disk
    • Virtual Machine Name – mgw-minecraft
    • Tier – Standard
    • Size – D1
    • Cloud Server – create a new cloud service
    • Cloud Service DNS Name – mgw-minecraft
    • Finish

After provisioning and starting was done, I downloaded the new RDP file and make my preferred setting changes.  I connected and looked at the Event Viewer.

Everything looked good so I created the endpoint.


Here are some links from my research: