I had learned about UTM Tracking of hyperlinks.  I had also figured out how to pass AdWords details to an email form on WordPress using Gravity Forms and Campaign Tracker.  This solution also worked for UTM tracking.  But, then had a new challenge of determining which AdWords campaign caused the email lead.  I did some research and found out about URL options in AdWords in the form of tracking templates and custom parameters.  I tried custom parameters first but I didn’t get the results in the email lead.  Unfortunately, I didn’t realize custom parameters only work with a tracking template.  The key was when I used the Test button and found out the result wasn’t what I hoped would happened.  I then found out I could used the {campaignid} value but I really wanted the campaign name.  So, I realized I could just create an unique field and then name the result without using the dynamic custom parameters.  After adding the hidden field in Gravity Form and linking the fields in Campaign Tracker, I did some tests and it all work.  The very interesting thing is all the built-in parameters I could pass along.  A lot of options to really help with tracking.

Adwords URL Tracking