Digital marketing fails many times for a number of reasons.  Like traditional marketing, it isn’t necessarily easier though there are lower bars to entry.  Marketing goals and strategy need to be determined at the outset where doing traditional or digital marketing.

One way that digital marketing can fail is really not learning how the method works.  For example, many of the digital ad platforms make it very easy to create an ad but there are still many configurations that are possible.  These configurations can help make your ad campaign more effective.

Another way that digital marketing can fail is not reviewing the results to determine what is and isn’t working.  For traditional marketing, a lot of the benefit was just creating the effort.  It was hard to measure real results.  But, with digital marketing, you can see the results in different data metrics.  However, if you don’t leverage this data, the benefits of digital marketing are lost.

To summarize, digital marketing can fail by not understanding how it works and not looking at data in the results.