A website builder is a tool to help in building a website.  Originally, websites were constructed using software to write the necessary files.  But, over time as websites got more complex, different solutions were built.  One set of solutions where called content management systems which involved software and databases.  These provided a lot of control but were more complex.  In response, website builders were created that made building website easier but without all the control and flexibility.

Website builders that are currently available are Wix, Squarespace and others.  They allow you to sign for an account with different levels and then start building a website using templates and drag-and-drop interfaces.  Once down, a website is produced.  Website builders make it easy to build a website in this manner.

Should you use a website builder?  It really depends on your goals.  If you are trying to build a website yourself and it won’t have a lot of content, then a website builder is a good idea.  But, if you need a website with advanced features, a lot of content and what to have complete control, then a website builder probably isn’t a good idea.  The biggest drawback with website builders is that you can’t move to a different website builders without re-creating the majority of your website.