If your business involves selling services, your website should have a lead generation form.  A lead generation form is similar to the typical contract form that most website have.  But instead of asking for a name, email address and comment, the lead generation form should have more fields.  These fields should ask for data that you need to reply back with to provide more information to help them understand your business service.

These additional fields could be other contact information like phone number and address.  The fields might be data that helps you narrow down the price of your service.  Finally it is helpful to include a notes field where any questions or concerns could be written out.

One thing to be aware of is not to ask for data that isn’t absolutely necessary.  People may stop filling out the form if the requests are too personal or don’t relate to the service.  Also, the longer the form is, the greater the barrier to filling it out completely.

To summarize, a lead generation form on your business website is a great way to start a conversation with a potential customer.